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Thread: Jodie Foster's latest stalker arrested

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    Default Jodie Foster's latest stalker arrested

    Jodie's Latest Stalker Arrested
    Posted Wed. Mar. 12, 2008 10:04am by Elizabeth Wolff Filed Under Jodie Foster

    A Massachusetts-based stalker, who had been terrorizing Jodie Foster since 2004, was arrested yesterday and charged with mailing a bomb threat which mentioned the Oscar winner by name to a Los Angeles airport , the FBI confirmed.

    Of the 100 almost identical letters Michael Smegal sent to celebrities, businesses and airports between September and January of last year, only some of them mentioned the iconic actress, who was famously stalked by John Hinkley (who shot Ronald Reagan in 1981, claiming he wanted to impress Jodie, then a Yale freshman). But it was the handwritten letter, which included the words "Jodie Foster S" and "going to be a gas bomb this building" that the 42-year-old man sent to the Van Nuys Airport in December that got the prosecutor's attention, the Associated Press reported earlier this morning.
    FBI Special Agent Joseph H. Altman said in an affidavit that Smegal confessed to sending the letters and chose the recipients because he believed they had a connection to the Screen Actors Guild, which he believed had made disparaging remarks against Jodie.
    The Panic Room star is a notoriously private actress who had been so scarred by her earlier stalking traumas that she reportedly keeps a safe room in the house she shares with her two sons and partner, Cydney Bernard. She also shuns household staff and, until recently, cell phones.
    A rep for the 45-year-old actress did not immediately return e-mail requests for comment.
    Prosecutors allege that of numerous packages Jodie received since 2004, one contained a prepaid cell phone along with instructions to call a specific number. When law enforcement called the number, Smegal identified himself and sent photographs of himself and his dog, the affidavit reports.
    Authorities have known of Smegal's stalker style since as early as 2005. At the time, U.S. postal inspectors interviewed the man who now faces 10 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines and he confessed to sending the letters and packages to Jodie and agreed to stop, the affidavit continues.
    This is the third high-profile stalker case to surface this year. Just yesterday actress Samantha Morton faced her stalker and Uma Thurman is expected to testify against hers later this month.

    Jodie Foster stalker arrested
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    Poor Jodie. Like she didn't go through enough with Hinckley. At least they finally arrested the guy.

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    She is a hot bitch

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    I wonder if Hinckley is still obsessed with her to this day.
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    ^I've wondered that too. Geez, she can't catch a break.

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    "Smegal"?! As in Smeagol, as in Gollum??

    How fabulously appropriate. Stalkers, ugh, one of the very lowest forms of humanity. Poor Jodie.
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