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Thread: Jenna Fischer asks fans to stop asking her out online

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    Default Jenna Fischer asks fans to stop asking her out online

    Jenna Fischer Asks Fans To Stop Asking Her Out Online

    Actress Jenna Fischer has called on her male fans to stop emailing her requests for a date. The 34-year-old star of the The Office has been single since she split up with her husband James Gunn in November.
    And, despite her new available status, Fischer isn't impressed when lustful fans get in touch with her via her MySpaceom webpage.
    She says, "No stalkers - yet. I think it's really cute when people send me an invitation to their wedding. But I've also received uncomfortable letters in which I'm asked out on dates - but for real, not joking. The writers have obviously read about me and made up a list of reasons they think we would make a good couple - like we're both from small towns, or they also love animals.
    "I just don't get it. Do people really go out on dates when they get a letter?"

    Jenna Fischer Asks Fans To Stop Asking Her Out Online - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    Get over yourself, Jenna, and be happy that anyone even knows you who are- actually, unless they watch The Office, they probably don't.

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    "No stalkers-yet."

    Could she be more into herself? Jeez most people don't even know who this bitch is, why would she have stalkers?

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