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Thread: Tori Spelling blasts inheritance myths

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    Default Tori Spelling blasts inheritance myths

    Tori Spelling Blasts Inheritance Myths

    Tori Spelling has blasted claims she was shocked to be snubbed in her late father's will - insisting she knew she wouldn't be handed millions. The Beverly Hills 90210 star and her brother Randy each inherited just $800,000 when their TV mogul dad died in June 2006.
    However despite claims she was devastated by the sleight - and her suffering near bankruptcy in the aftermath - the 34-year-old insists, "I wasn't shocked. And I don't believe it was (a slap). We knew exactly what we were getting. My brother and I were both getting less than a million. I'm ok, but I work hard."
    Tori Spelling Blasts Inheritance Myths - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
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    Yes, yes, we get it Tori, you're POOR, now shut up.
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    She looks like a really ugly drag queen in that photo. How in the world slimeball Dean managed to get it up enough to impregnate her twice is beyond me.

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