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Thread: Pat O'Brien out of rehab - into junk food

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    Default Pat O'Brien out of rehab - into junk food

    Pat O'Brien Out of Rehab - Into Junk Food

    Posted Mar 11th 2008 4:37PM by TMZ Staff
    Pat O'Brien is out of rehab, but execs at "The Insider" are mum about his future.

    Our spies spotted POB at Gelson's market in Pacific Palisades last Saturday. He looked painfully, painfully thin with sunburned skin -- "bordering on scorched" we're told. He loaded up on at least ten cans of Pringles and a bunch of bags of M&M's. At one point he was at the deli waiting for his number to be called, when a woman recognized him and started the whole "Oh my God," thing. Pat wanted no part of it and just bailed.

    We called "The Insider" to find out if POB is coming back. A spokesperson told TMZ, "At this time Pat O'Brien is focused on his recovery and it's inappropriate to comment on rumors about the show."
    Pat O'Brien Out of Rehab - Into Junk Food - - Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Rumors
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    He's always creeped me out so I'm not upset that I won't have to see him every now and then while channel surfing. Hope his recovery sticks this time though.

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    Damn, he looks rough?! Was that pic taken as he was going in or coming out of rehab? If he's coming out then he needs to turn right back around and do some more work.
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    good, maybe now, they can get rid of Donny on the Insider.
    (not that i watch it or anything)
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