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Thread: Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy visit Botswana

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    Default Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy visit Botswana

    After ten weeks on the front line in Afghanistan, he might have been expected to put his feet up and enjoy a few home comforts.

    Instead, Prince Harry has whisked his girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, away to a rickety houseboat in the heart of Africa.
    For the past six days, the couple have been sleeping under the stars in Botswana, in a tent for two perched on the roof of their cruiser.
    But for the inevitable bodyguard plus a captain/guide to accompany them, they could be recreating the roles played by Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn in the classic 1951 movie The African Queen. Scroll down for more ...
    Cruising: Chelsy Davy on the top deck where she and Prince Harry sleep under the stars

    Each morning Harry, 23, and 22-year-old Chelsy have risen late, climbed down an aluminium ladder and on to the main deck, where they have cooked their own breakfast on a small gas cooker.
    It is thought unlikely that he has treated her to the delights of mashed biscuits, jam and margarine, which is how he started the mornings in Helmand Province.
    The rest of their days have been spent the day lazily cruising up and down the crocodile-infested waterways, normally with a can of beer and a cigarette in hand.
    According to villagers, the area is teeming with crocs, some 18ft long, which frequently come on to land and take cattle that stray too close to the water's edge.
    The area is, however, widely considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and scores of tourists still brave it on safari each year.
    This week, the Harry and Chelsy took a small speedboat to visit a watering hole used by hippos. Scroll down for more ...
    Adventure: Harry and Chelsy take a speedboat trip, accompanied by a bodyguard and tour guide

    Wearing a skimpy black Billabong bikini, Zimbabwe-born Chelsy dragged heavily on a cigarette as she soaked up the sun but appeared to take little interest in the wildlife, which also included otters and fish eagles.
    On the way back, Harry took over the steering wheel, laughing and joking with his bodyguard as he guided the craft confidently with one hand.
    Following his secret stint on the front line, the third in line to the throne is enjoying a spell of leave before rejoining his Blues and Royals regiment at their barracks in Windsor.
    Friends say he was delighted to have had the chance to serve his country but feels bitterly disappointed at being pulled back to Britain six weeks early after news of his deployment leaked out.
    He and Chelsy plan to spend several weeks travelling through the African bush before returning home in time for the prince to greet the rest of his regiment on their return from Afghanistan.
    The couple briefly split in November, with Chelsy citing Harry's lack of support for her move from Cape Town to Leeds, where she is studying law at university.
    When she heard that he was being sent to war, however, she made a dash to visit him at Clarence House.
    An Australian magazine apologised yesterday for breaking the news embargo on Harry's deployment in Afghanistan, causing the story to spread worldwide. New Idea said its actions were "insensitive and irresponsible".

    Prince Harry whisks his African Queen Chelsy away to Botswana for a cruise among the crocodiles | the Daily Mail

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    Good for them! Now leave them alone!
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    She does look bored out of her mind. Maybe this is her version of what Diana did to get Chuck, pretending to like the outdoors etc.
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    I bet they have really hot sex

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    I like him and them together. I'm glad they can escape the crazy paps and enjoy some quiet time. I gotta say though.. that house boat is ghetto-fab.

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    If it was me, I would agree to spend time with Harry anywhere he wanted.
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    He is a hot mess...emphasis on hot!

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    Days on a houseboat and sleeping under the stars sounds pretty nice to me.
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    That sounds really nice. I hope she appreciates him.
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    Tent sex is the best kind of sex to have.

    Even better in the rain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    Days on a houseboat and sleeping under the stars sounds pretty nice to me.
    More like, sleeping under the stars AND a mosquito tent to avoid 'quitos full of malaria and tse-tse flies, lol.
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    lol i didn't even know they got back together - when did that happen?

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