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Thread: Victoria Beckham pimps her ride

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    Default Victoria Beckham pimps her ride

    Posh Pimps Her Ride
    Posted Mon. Mar. 10, 2008 9:23pm by The Sixers Filed Under Victoria Beckham

    If there was ever any doubt, here's one more reason why Victoria Beckham is the poshest gal around.

    Take a look at her pimped-out Porsche and what's got to be one of the more expensive ways to prevent valet confusion. The custom-made ride just screams Victoria Beckham. Literally. It's got her initials all over it. Her initials are embroidered onto the headrests, and if that's not enough, "VB" is also engraved into the alloys on her wheels.
    We're not sure why she bothered with the huge shades as she showed off her monogrammed convertible yesterday in Los Angeles, but hey, she's Posh. She can do whatever she wants.

    Victoria Beckham has the poshest Porsche
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    hey if you have the money. if i was rich, i'd be doing that too. right now, i'm all about Crayons.
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    it's typical for a pro-athlete (wife)...

    a chav's idea of taste

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