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Thread: "Big Brother" keeps churnin' out the idiots, calls another contestant the N-word

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    Angry "Big Brother" keeps churnin' out the idiots, calls another contestant the N-word

    "Big Brother" Keeps Churning Out the Idiots
    Posted Mar 9th 2008 4:48PM by TMZ Staff
    Another "BIg Brother" contestant has gone and shot off his mouth -- and this time we're in N-word territory.

    Matt was spouting off last night about another contestant on Showtime's "Big Brother After Dark," when he unleashed this gem: "You don't know how bad I want to be like, mother--, f**king try and cross me, nigga."

    Last month, Adam referred to people with autism as "retards." Where do they find these people?

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    I guess he thinks he's 50 Cent. I think he was trying to sound more like he was cool or tough, than being racist. Unless Josh or the other guy he mentioned are black. Either way, he still came off like an idiot.

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    Dumb oaf.

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    Someone did this here on Big Brother last year and was booted out for using the word

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