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Thread: Actress Samantha Morton was 'close to death' after a secret stroke two years ago

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    Default Actress Samantha Morton was 'close to death' after a secret stroke two years ago

    Samantha Morton told yesterday how a stroke left her fighting for her life.
    The 30-year-old actress and mother of two said she spent more than a year relearning how to walk and carry out basic tasks.

    She said she had kept the condition secret because she did not want it to affect her acting career.

    Miss Morton, who has twice been nominated for an Oscar, said: "I was near to death. I had a stroke at the beginning of 2006."

    The stroke is thought to have been brought on by a freak accident when a ceiling in her London home collapsed, leaving her with serious head injuries.

    Strokes, which are caused by blood clots or burst blood vessels in the brain, affect only a thousand people a year of Miss Morton's age or younger.

    The first signs are partial paralysis, slurred speech and loss of vision.

    Recovery involves physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and even help with swallowing and using the toilet.

    Miss Morton learned to walk again with the help of her close friend Jason Pierce, a singer with the band Spiritualized, and his girlfriend Juliette Larche.

    Pierce, 42, had himself just recovered from severe pneumonia.

    Miss Morton, who won a Golden Globe in January for her depiction of Myra Hindley in the drama Longford, said: "He was the only person I knew who understood what that was like, being near to death.

    "He is very courageous and he helped me get through it all."

    The stoke forced Miss Morton to pull out of the film Trans-siberian and she was replaced by fellow British actress Emily Mortimer.

    She had already finished work on Control, the acclaimed film about the 1970s pop group Joy Division.

    Now fully recovered, she gave birth to Edie, her daughter by actor fiance Harry Holm.

    She has a seven-year-old daughter Esme with her former partner, Charlie Creed-Miles.

    The Nottingham-born actress was sent to a care home at age three after her parents split up. By the age of 16, she was battling a drug problem.

    She has enjoyed a reconciliation with her parents and invited her mother, Pamela, to join her at the Oscars in Hollywood.

    Actress Samantha Morton was 'close to death' after a secret stroke two years ago | the Daily Mail

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    She was awesome in Minority Report. Still wondering how this would affect her career at all, people get sick all the time, it's not that big of a deal if she recovers.

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    Oh Sam, who knew.

    hopefully she is fully recovered by now.

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    I don't know who she is, but that's sad she had a stroke at such a young age.
    I hope she continues to stay healthy.

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    Kick ass, they're making a movie about Joy Division? Now I'll have 'Atmosphere' stuck in my head all day.
    "In the face of the blinding sun, I wake only to find
    that Heaven is a stranger place than than one I've left behind." - SM

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    Quote Originally Posted by celeb_2006 View Post
    Still wondering how this would affect her career at all, people get sick all the time, it's not that big of a deal if she recovers.
    Hollywood is full of assholes, that's why. Samantha was originally supposed to be in The Brothers Grimm with Heath Ledger and Matt Damon. Harvey Weinstein wouldn't allow her to be in the film because he didn't think she was fuckable. Heath and Matt both campaigned for her to be in the film and argued for her with Harvey. Harvey won though and Lena Headey played the part.

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    Was Sammantha Morton River Phoenix's girlfriend when he died???
    vaya con dios

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    ^^ I think River's girlfriend's name was Samantha Mathis, but I could be wrong.

    Why didn't this poor dear use her illness to her advantage to make herself more famous like everyone else seems to?

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