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Thread: Michelle Williams: 'Work saved me' after split with Heath Ledger

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    Default Michelle Williams: 'Work saved me' after split with Heath Ledger

    In an interview conducted just days before Heath Ledgerís death in January 2008, Academy Award-nominee Michelle Williams opened up about the pain of their breakup.

    The actress moved to Portland, Ore., for a film role following her split with Ledger in 2007. Throwing herself into the role of a woman on the precipice of homeless in "Train Choir" was "a very healing process," Williams told Elle magazineís April issue.

    "(Heath and I) had broken up ó way before it became a news story ó and I didnít know where to go. I couldnít imagine any place in the world that was gonna feel good to me," she told the magazine.
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    Williams took her daughter with Ledger, Matilda, now 2, to Portland as she took on the part in the Kelly Reichardt directed project.

    "Right after we broke up, I said, ĎI gotta go do this thing. Itís going to be the perfect place for me, for Matilda. We just need to go away," Williams said. "We made the best friends in Portland. We lived with people, at their houseÖ I just have the fondest memories of being there and playing this lonely, drifting soul."

    In telling words, Williams said throwing herself into her acting work, throughout her life, has been a wondrous gift.

    "Whatever Iíve suffered, I feel like the work I get to do is an absolute blessing," she said. "Because whatever I feel inside, it has a place to go. It just saves me over and over again."

    source: Williams: Work saved me after split from Heath - Access Hollywood -
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    I really like Michelle. I think that her acting skills have grown since Dawson days. She seems like a grounded person who is in it because she loves it and not the fame.

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    I feel for her, but at the same time, it's a break up and just about everyone goes through it sometime in life, why is it when celebrities do, we are supposed to feel really sorry for them?

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    Everyone goes through the pain of a separation, be it romantic or even just friendship. I'm just glad she's not milking it for all its worth, although I wouldn't be surprised if she used the public's sympathy to garner bigger paying roles and a more fabulous career. A lot of people would in her position.

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