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Thread: Katie Rees - being sexy won't get her off (not as dirty as it sounds)

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    Default Katie Rees - being sexy won't get her off (not as dirty as it sounds)

    Katie Rees -- Being Sexy Won't Get Her Off
    Posted Mar 7th 2008 5:24PM by TMZ Staff

    Former Miss Nevada, Katie Rees, stopped making out with other chicks long enough to appear in court today -- strapping on a sexy cocktail dress to face the six misdemeanor charges stemming from her February 8 arrest.

    Katie, 23, found out today she will remain free without bail until her trial begins on April 9 -- where she faces charges of speeding, driving with a suspended license, operating a motor vehicle with suspended license plates, failure to produce proof of insurance and resisting a police officer.

    Katie's attorney claims she was a victim of police brutality -- saying she chipped a tooth after being forcefully pushed against her car.

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    highway jammed with broken heroes


    she's trash.
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    ...Cocktail dress to court?

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