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Thread: Lindsay Lohan's tip to sister Ali Lohan: "Stay away from the clubs!"

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    Default Lindsay Lohan's tip to sister Ali Lohan: "Stay away from the clubs!"

    Lindsay Lohan's Tip to Sister Ali: "Stay Away from the Clubs!"
    Friday March 7, 2008

    Gary Gershoff/; Michael Buckner/Getty Images
    With Ali Lohan's star status poised to rise (she'll be featured on mom Dina's new E! show), older sis Lindsay is urging her to "keep her head on straight."
    Her other tip?
    "Stay away from the clubs!” Lindsay, 21, tells told Extra in a new interview about Ali, 14, who recently told Teen Vogue, "I want [to be famous] so bad."
    Adds Lindsay, "I wish her the best of luck."
    Once a club fixture, Lindsay (who was arrested twice for DUI and completed three stints in rehab) says she is now looking forward to re-launching her career.
    “I’m part of a film that Jack Black is involved in that is starting around April, hopefully," she says. "We’re getting the cast together now."
    Her icon Ann-Margret "is a part of it," Lindsay adds. "I'm very excited! I just really respect her."
    Lindsay — who recently went topless — is also keeping busy with a new album.
    “It’s more of a dance vibe," says Lindsay, who is collaborating with Ne-Yo on the album. "This one I do want to tour with."
    Overall, Lindsay tells Extra, “Everything’s great. Everyone’s happy.”
    Compare how Ali and Lindsay looked at age 13 here. | Lindsay Lohan's Tip to Sister Ali: "Stay Away from the Clubs!"
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial View Post
    I also choose to believe the rumors because I am, when it is all said and done, a dirty gossip.

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    This whole Ali thing is just SO wrong!

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    ali has a funny look nose.
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    I have a tip for the Lohan family. It basically involves them just disappearing into oblivion forever and never being seen again.

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    In these pictures Ali looks older than Lindsay.

    Hard to believe this girl is only 14.

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    Lindsay should also tell her sister to stay away from HER, the parents, coke, booze, rehab and random dicks.

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    The lovely La Lohan shoule tell her sister to run, run, run away from tht cray-asses mother. The lovely La Lohan would have been better off if her mother hadn't snorted coke with her, thus validating her stupid behavior.
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