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Thread: Victoria Beckham: David 'doesn't have great rhythm'

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    Default Victoria Beckham: David 'doesn't have great rhythm'

    t's the day every true fashionista dreams of appearing on the cover of Vogue magazine.

    That fantasy just became reality for Victoria Beckham, who won the coveted spot on the April cover of the U.K. edition, styled in diamonds and '50s-style gowns.

    Interviewed at her U.K. home, just north of London which includes a private cinema complete with a popcorn machine and double-decker-bus bunk beds for her two older boys, Brooklyn, 9 and Romeo, 5 the 33-year-old says she revels in domestic life with "David and the boys" (the couple also has another son 3-year-old Cruz).

    "I laugh a lot, even though people say I look bloody miserable," the singer, famous for her refusal to smile, tells the mag. "There's a lot of singing and dancing going on the whole time."

    Although one Spice Boy doesn't cut it on the dance floor. "Not from David he doesn't have great rhythm," she admits. "But from me and the boys."

    Now that the Spice Girls tour has wrapped, Beckham says she's focusing on her "fourth child," her fashion brand DvB.

    Clearly obsessed with fashion, her dedication knows no bounds at least when it comes to shoes. For instance, she'd gladly wear designer heels that are two sizes too big. "If they don't have my size I just stick toilet paper in," she says without shame. "If that's what it takes to get a nice shoe."

    On the hot-button topic of her weight, Beckham insists her tiny frame is the result of good genes. "I'd love to look like Linda Evangelista," she said. "I could try for the rest of my life, but I'm never going to look like her." (In the course of the interview and photo shoot, she sticks to a diet of steamed vegetables, fish, edamame, fruit and champagne.)

    The singer also says she's joined a gym although she hasn't worked out yet. She explains in her usual mocking tone, "I can't bring myself to wear flat shoes."

    Victoria Beckham: David 'Doesn't Have Great Rhythm' - Victoria Beckham :

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    Hum...I wonder if the not so great rhythm transfers to the bedroom as well?

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    i like her. must've been from her reality show. wish that would come back, i loved it
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    Workout in High Heels

    Victoria Beckham refuses to go to the gym – because she can’t wear high

    The Spice Girl – who lives in Los Angeles with her soccer star husband David
    and their three sons – has become a member of her local sports center but
    doesn’t like the idea of donning unflattering sneakers.

    She said: "I have joined a gym but I can't bring myself to start. Obviously
    working out is important - well, I don't. What do you wear on the running
    machine? I can't bring myself to wear flat shoes

    Victoria – who graces the cover of Britain’s Vogue magazine for the first
    time in its latest issue - also revealed she loves high heels so much she
    buys them even if they don’t have her size.

    She said: “If they haven’t got my size, I stick toilet paper in them to make
    them fit

    Meanwhile, it has been reported Victoria is set to be offered her own
    reality fashion TV series.

    The 33-year-old singer – who has her own range of clothes and accessories –
    will travel around the US to boutiques and stores which need a style and
    marketing makeover in ‘Fashion Nightmares’.

    However, her representative has denied the reports.

    VB goes vintage.

    As for her not working out, she really should since it's good for your health and heart.

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    looks like a cover from the late 80's/early 90's

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    Here's a thought.....a gym in your home.....

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    I love Vicki

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharon_b View Post

    The singer also says she's joined a gym although she hasn't worked out yet. She explains in her usual mocking tone, "I can't bring myself to wear flat shoes."

    I love her!

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    Her hair looks nicer a bit longer, I think. I loved her short bob but am liking the longer hair. I think it is more feminine.
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