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Thread: Sober Colin Farell craves "wild weekend"

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    Default Sober Colin Farell craves "wild weekend"

    Sober Farrell craves "wild weekend"

    Friday, March 7 2008, 15:11 GMT
    By Beth Hilton, Entertainment Reporter

    Colin Farrell has admitted that he is missing drugs after checking into rehab in 2005.

    The actor said he would love to have a wild weekend while "f***ed up" on prescription medication.

    He told GQ: "I'd f***ing love to be able to drink. I would love to have a couple of nights of f***ing howling at the moon.

    "And not just have a drink, I'd love to get f***ed up. I'd love to be able to pop some f***ing OxyContin or some Percocet and know that it's not going to become a f***ing habit."

    OxyContin, nicknamed "hillbilly heroin", is used by doctors to relieve severe pain. Actor Owen Wilson is believed to have binged on the drug before he attempted suicide last year.

    Farrell recently said he is "honoured" to be appearing in Heath Ledger's final film The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

    Showbiz - News - Sober Farrell craves "wild weekend" - Digital Spy
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    If he's fantasizing about a wild weekend, soon there will be a blowout wild weekend!

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    i read that, and all i get is F***** this and F***** that. Colin dear, you are amazingly hot, but come on, enough with the F word.
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    Well Colin, I am not one for the other -ish, but if you want to have a wild weekend sex-wise, I'm your girl!

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