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Thread: Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson admits she still has drug treatments

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    Default Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson admits she still has drug treatments

    Singer Fergie still has drug treatment

    Friday, March 7 2008, 16:11 GMT
    By Alex Fletcher, Entertainment Reporter
    Patrick Rideaux/Rex Features

    Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has admitted that she still receives drugs treatment.

    The R&B star struggled with ecstasy and crystal methamphetamines during her youth and is still receiving therapy to prevent relapsing.

    Speaking about her addictions, she told WENN: "It wasn't a quick fix, it was years of work and it's continual. You don't go in and out of rehab and then you're done. I constantly work at things."

    Fergie claimed that hypnotherapy had been the most successful way of dealing with her problems because it worked on her "subconscious".

    She said: "I do hypnotherapy, which is a really big thing in my life. It works well with me because you go back into your subconscious and there are positive suggestions that are said to you. It really works for me."

    Showbiz - News - Singer Fergie still has drug treatment - Digital Spy
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    Show kids her pics, without airbrushing, photoshopping, any alterations. That would make me never ever even drink caffeine.

    No pity. You chose to put it in your system, deal with the lifelong addiction.

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    'You don't go in and out of rehab and then you're done. I constantly work at things'

    I'm glad to see someone admitting that rehab & staying clean is a long journey. And that it can take years, if the not your whole entire life.

    good for her that she is still taking care of herself.

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    yup, good for her for continuing to stay clean
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    Good for her.

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