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Thread: American Idol season one contestant Nikki McKibbin recovering from breakdown

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    Exclamation American Idol season one contestant Nikki McKibbin recovering from breakdown

    While a new season of American Idol contestants steal the spotlight, Season 1 star Nikki McKibbin is struggling to hold on after a terrifying breakdown that left her strapped to a bed in the psych ward, Star can reveal exclusively.

    Idol alum like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have gone onto superstardom, but flame-haired Nikki has had only minor musical success, including the release of an album, Unleashed, last May. Things went from bad to worse when her mother died suddenly in August and Nikki was thrust into a tailspin which culminated in a shocking breakdown at her Fort Worth, Tex. home on Feb. 21.

    According to a police report obtained by Star, Nikki called a friend and told her that she was feeling depressed and wanted to kill herself. The report states that Nikki said, "I want to live with my mom in heaven" and took migraine medication to "dull the pain."

    Tipped off by Nikki's friend, police arrived to find the former Idol hopeful half-dressed with a number of white pills in her hand. After a violent confrontation — during which she reportedly tried to kick out the windows of the cop car -- she was taken to the John Peter Smith Hospital and placed under psychiatric observation for the required 72 hours before being released.

    source: Star Magazine | News | <I>Star</i> Exclusive: <i>American Idol</i> Meltdown

    Get well soon Nikki.
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    I was never a fan, but poor thing! I wonder who's taking care of her child?

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    I hope she gets better soon.

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    wow! i liked Nikki, i was glad she did so well on AI
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    I wasn't crazy about her voice, but I do remember she had the most stunning eyes. Hope she gets well soon.
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    That is so sad. I hope she gets better quickly.

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    Hah, she went totally Britney
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