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Thread: It's a boy for Brooke Burke & David Charvet

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    Default It's a boy for Brooke Burke & David Charvet

    It's a Boy for Brooke Burke & David Charvet

    By Stephen M. Silverman and Julie Jordan
    Originally posted Thursday March 06, 2008 04:05 PM EST

    Charvet and Burke Photo by: Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

    It's a boy – finally – for Rock Star: Supernova host Brooke Burke and fiancé David Charvet, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

    "Burke delivered the baby boy at 11:31 a.m. on Wednesday, March 5, 2008, in Los Angeles," says the spokesperson. "He weighs 6.5 pounds and is 20 1/4 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing well."

    This is Burke's fourth child, her second with Charvet – and her first son.

    The couple's other child together, daughter Rain, turned 1 on Jan. 8. Neriah, 7, and Sierra, 5, are Burke's children with ex-husband Garth Fisher.

    Burke, 36, and Charvet, 35, a former Baywatch star, announced their engagement and pregnancy in August.

    Regarding her children's "crazy, hippy names," Burke told Mom.Logic, "People are wondering what we are going to come up with next."

    "The couple has not announced a name yet," says the rep, who adds that the new parents "are thrilled."

    Burke recently launched her own online baby store,, the home of "Tauts," the post-pregnancy Belly Wrap, the rep also noted.

    It's a Boy for Brooke Burke & David Charvet - Babies, Brooke Burke, David Charvet :
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    jeez she just popped out a kid ... fast worker
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    Whoa, I thought David Charvet is gay?

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    *Waits for celebutard name*

    They pick horrible names. I think the last baby was actually named Heaven Rain, not Rain.

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    Fingers crossed the kid gets a fair shake in life with a decent name.

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    Who are these people?
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    Holy shit, she had another freaking kid already?? Wow. Let the woman rest there David my lord.

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    Wow. Four kids? Good for them.

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    And her body doesn't look like she's even had any kids.

    Congrats to them!
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    This woman keeps popping out children.

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    She had her 3rd child 16 months ago. She's a toddler. Her older two are from her ex-husband - 5.5 and 7.5 yrs old. She won't be having any more, she said. She and her fiance wanted a boy this time which is why they tried to have one this fast... And to close that door.

    I doubt that he will marry her. They've been engaged for too long and have two kids. When men don't marry the woman and have kids before it, it means they don't want to be married to this woman. He's with her for something. Whatever it is.

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