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Thread: Eva Mendes celebrates turning 34

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    Default Eva Mendes celebrates turning 34

    Eva Mendes Celebrates Turning 34

    Some girls like to go clubbing for their birthday. Others prefer a nice dinner. But when it came time for Eva Mendes to celebrate her 34th birthday, she took to the shops of Madison Avenue.
    Spotted out in New York City yesterday, the “Hitch” actress seemed to be right at home, browsing the racks of the Big Apple’s swankiest shops.

    Eva looked adorable in a grey sweater, grey skirt, black scarf and some nude high-heels as she waved to the ever-present paparazzi.
    After leaving the Calvin Klein store, Mendes appeared to be searching for her car. And when she couldn’t find it, the “We Own the Night” actress opted for another round of retail therapy, stepping into Barney’s.

    Eva Mendes went on a New York City shopping spree for her 34th birthday
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    Damn....if she needs a gift I'm right here!!!!!!!!!1
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    That's right! and you didn't even say happy birthday

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