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Thread: Alec Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin disagree on gay marriage

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    Default Alec Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin disagree on gay marriage

    He's the 'Stupid' One

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    Every sibling plays a 'role' in the family. In the Baldwin brood Alec must be the 'smart' one. His brother, Stephen, is obviously that one you only wanna see once a year - and even then, the only way you can stomach it is after spiking your egg nogg with lots of booze and taking a Valium!
    Thankfully, though Alec knows how to put Stephen in his place.
    The 'dumb' one made news when he called in to the Howard Stern show recently voicing his support for Mike Huckabee and voicing his displeasure with the idea of gay marriage:
    "I don’t believe that gay marriage is in line with God’s Word, which is found in the Bible," says Stephen. "So, what I think doesn’t matter; what I believe is what’s in the Bible and the Bible says that gay marriage is not acceptable."
    Alec responded to his brother's ignoramous comment to gay mag The Advocate, saying:
    "Well, in the modern political world, people like that — whether or not I'm related to them — only help us raise money. They want to ban gay marriage because those people are incapable of having a biological family — that's their only argument. You can ban gay marriage, but if you're going to make it fair, then you have to ban marriage for everybody else who won't produce children. But they just single out groups of people that they hate."

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    I'd like Stephen retard Baldwin to point out which Psalm or tract in the bible that specifically says this.
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    So why are their opinions relevant? They aren't.... They're Baldwin's, they're not gonna be taken seriously.

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