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Thread: Natalie Portman's political plans when she gets too 'ugly' for Hollywood

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    Default Natalie Portman's political plans when she gets too 'ugly' for Hollywood

    Natalie Portman has said she may run for office when she gets “too ugly” for Hollywood.

    The Star Wars actress said she would consider going into politics if she stops making movies.

    She said: “It’s not a bad idea. I’m not going to be getting parts in the next five to 10 years - I’ll be over the hill. [Laughs.]

    “Maybe I can go into politics once I’m too ugly for Hollywood.”

    Portman, 26, can currently be seen on screen opposite Scarlett Johansson in historical drama, The Other Boleyn Girl.

    The Israeli-born star also said she felt sorry for Tinseltown’s young starlets, whose names are constantly making the headlines.

    She told US magazine Time: “You’re never going to change the fact that it’s hard for some people to deal with their lives, but you can change your reaction.

    “Give them their space and privacy. The worst thing about our society is that it revels in people’s difficult times.”

    And asked if she thought celebrities should use their stardom to influence voters, she replied: “Sure. People can listen to a host of influences and still make their own decisions.

    “I’m always interested to hear who the people I respect are voting for.”

    By Gavin Wilson, Mar 04 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

    Natalie Portman may run for office when she gets “too ugly” for Hollywood | Showbiz Gossip, Showbiz News, Entertainment News - Showbiz Spy

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    I would vote for her

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    Only 5 years till she's over the hill? Is 31 considered "over the hill" now??

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    Wow, I hope she's being facetious.

    It's not very 'politic' to imply that 31-year-old women are "too ugly" for movies. Of course, they might stop auditioning 31-year-olds who are mediocre actresses and have been cruising on their looks and professed "classiness" for years now.

    Then again, didn't she claim she wanted to stop acting and become a psychologist a few years ago? I'm guessing she still has many years of wooden acting and transparent pretentiousness in her yet.
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    - Miguel Cervantes, "Don Quixote"

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    Actually I can see her not getting many roles when she is 31. That's the time when most actresses enter into the land of only mommy and/or jaded wife roles in Hollywood. Plus her being as small as she is. It'd look funny to have her playing a parent. Having and 8 year old kid be as tall as their mom would ruin the illusion you know

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    Geez, Natalie, into yourself much?

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    She was joking around, that much is obvious. But if she ever does run for office, I would vote for her if I liked her ideas.

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    Ummm, I kinda assumed she was being sarcastic not serious. But I like her so maybe I'm biased.
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    If she is over the hill then I died 10 years ago.
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