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Thread: Linda Hogan to Hulk Hogan: Stop using our son to hurt me!

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    Default Linda Hogan to Hulk Hogan: Stop using our son to hurt me!

    Linda to Hulk: Stop Using Nick to Hurt Me!

    Posted Mar 4th 2008 4:06PM by TMZ Staff
    Linda Hogan's trying to put Hulk Hogan in a legal chokehold to prevent him from tarnishing their underage son Nick with what she says are the messy matters of divorce. Yeah -- Nick's got enough problems, we think.

    In the documents obtained by TMZ, Linda claims the Hulkster has used Nick to deliver messages about the divorce and told him secrets that he didn't want her to know about. (Hmmm.) She also says the marital melee has caused Nick to become "withdrawn and conflicted."

    Linda adds that she has no interest in selling their home, but alleges that Hulk has told Nick that if they don't sell, there could be a negative outcome in Nick's pending criminal case.

    Nick's mom wants the court to order Hulk to stop talking to their son about the divorce. Period.

    Linda to Hulk: Stop Using Nick to Hurt Me! - - Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Rumors
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    Hulks wife reminds me of the huge wife of the Bounty Hunter. they both have the same amount of class.
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    To Hulk and Bitch: stop letting your son use cars to hurt people
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    Can't she find anything better to whine about? The average person doesn't go to court over this petty, vindictive bullshit.

    Here's an easy (and CHEAP) idea, have Nick man up and tell his Dad he is not interested in speaking about the divorce.

    Oh, and I would have thought rendering someone incapacitated for the rest of their life would have left Nick 'withdrawn and conflicted', long before his freak-o parents broke up.

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    Well, it really does kinda suck that they're dragging the kids into the divorce. First, daddy has an affair with his daughter's friend, and now the son's being put in the middle?

    With parents like these, no wonder the son is so fucked up. White trash with money is never a good thing.

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    ^never visit Alberta, Canada then. Province is filled with New Rich.
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