John Mayer Feeds The Paps

John Mayer was partying at Butter in NYC last night when he surprised the paparazzi with food. Feeding the enema (typo that I'm keeping), I see. John ordered takeout for them and came out to pay for it. This bitch must have been stoned or drunk. If I was a pap, I wouldn't eat that crap. Anthrax! John probably wants them to do something for him. He probably wants them to only take shitty pictures of Jessica Simpson.
Speaking of, while John was sucking up to the paps, Jess was out to dinner across town with Tony Roma's. I know his name is Romo, but I always think of Tony Roma's ribs when I see his name. Jess was also escorted by some hot, orange pepaw.

John Mayer Feeds The Paps | Dlisted