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Thread: Lily Allen's car paparazzi

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    Default Lily Allen's car paparazzi

    Lily Allen’s Car Attacked… By Paparazzi

    We’ve heard of them badgering celebrities to the point that they almost cause a car accident, but never anything like this! Last night, Lily Allen’s car window was shattered by a shutterbug.
    Reportedly, the “Smile” singer was partying at the Groucho Club in London, England when she was notified that her brand-spanking-new BMW had been attacked by a disgruntled paparazzo.

    She explained, via MySpace, “If you see photos in the press or online of my car window being ’smashed by vandals’, I just want you to know that it was one of the many paparazzi who were following us who did it. There were so many of them hassling us that it is difficult to say which one of them did it but I had to leap in a taxi to get away from them.”
    Allen continued, “My friend Emily had to get into the car which was covered in broken glass and drive it away. It was a scary situation and I want people to know that it was totally their fault and that the whole situation has angered and upset me. Emily got cut from sitting on the broken glass and we are both horrified that people could behave in this way and get away with it.”

    Lily Allen left Groucho club to find out that her car had been vandalized
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    Uh huh

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    She looks so strange in those pictures

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