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Thread: Colin Farrell's love is too far

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    Default Colin Farrell's love is too far


    COLIN Farrell has told his student sweetheart he will never return to live in Ireland because he needs to be near his sick son.

    colin & muireann

    Dublin student Muireann McDonnell, 22, last month revealed the couple's relationship was back on after a short split. But pals fear they could part for good over the starís refusal to base himself in Ireland and her reluctance to move to LA when she finishes her studies at Trinity College. A pal said: They are happy at the moment but they have some big decisions to make.

    colin and muireann in vegas

    colin taking james to the zoo

    Colin, 31, says it breaks his heart to be away from his four-year-old son James for even a few days.Last year he revealed the boy suffered from Angelman syndrome, a genetic disorder which affects physical and mental development.And since then he has devoted himself to helping Jamesí mum, ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave, 37, by giving her all the support I can possibly give. The actor, in Ireland for the premiere of new movie In Bruges, said: Sure, I love Ireland. It's great craic meeting all my mates. Sometimes I think, Jesus this is so good. Why aren't I always here? The answer is my son. He lives in the US with his mam and he needs his dad there too.That's my job as a dad and where I have to be. End of story. The star jetted back to LA last week after the premiere of In Bruges, a black comedy due to hit the screens in April.
    And he revealed the inspiration for his character Ray is Father Dougal from the hit TV comedy Father Ted. He's an eejit, an awful gobshite, he said. Ray is so close to Dougal I'm waiting to be accused of being a plagiarist.

    colin & muireann vacationing in Positano,Italy

    recent pics of colin taking james to the doctors' in LA

    colin and muuireann have been together since december 2006

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    I didn't know his son was sick...
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    That first pic... man I wish I could trade places with that girl so bad. I bet he is a great kisser. And even if not, I bet he is kinky as all hell.

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    damn he's sexy
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    It's cool that she hasn't abandoned her life (like Sara Larsen) and studies to follow her man.

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    Let the bitch stay in Eire. Keep strong Colin and care for your son(bless your heart). You will find someone better here anyway.

    *Gorgeous, in recovery(apparently anyway), devoted to his son, supportive of his gay brother, etc. etc. damn what more could any of you women want! I would KILL for him! LOL!! *
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    I've liked him for years, ever since he was in Ballykissangel, when he wasn't famous. Once I read how he talks about his son, he can do no wrong, I think that's fantastic.

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    oh my god, i never knew how hot he is. Oh my, a new fan here. I always thought he was gross, I was oh so wrong! grr rarr, he is smokin'!

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    Age difference?

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    He's gorgeous.

    I know so many who will volunteer to look after Colin while Murieann is away.

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