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Thread: Paris Hilton - peacemaker?

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    Default Paris Hilton - peacemaker?

    February 28, 2008
    Paris the Peacemaker

    (Getty Images)

    Fewer people in Hollywood have been at the center of as many feuds as celebutante Paris Hilton, so OK! was shocked to hear that the Simple Life star is actually responsible for easing the tensions between two of her good friends — new moms Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera.

    “Nicole never disliked Christina,” a pal of Paris tells OK!, “but Christina didn’t like Nicole because she felt she was famous for nothing.”

    Peacemaker Paris to the rescue!

    “Paris called Christina and conferenced in Nicole to catch up before the Grammys,” the friend says. Nicole suggested a playdate between her daughter, Harlow, and 27-year-old Xtina’s baby, Max, who were born only days apart.

    And while Nicole's rep declined to comment on the news, the moms agree on one thing: Paris won’t be babysitting!
    OK! Magazine - First for Celebrity News - Paris the Peacemaker

    I have this image of a scene from "Mean Girls" in my head for this one....
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    I just remember Xtina being famous for having huge knockers and looking like a slut.

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    I remember high school. These bitches are still camping out in the hallways.
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    Exchanging glances with the cunty bitches


    These stupid sluts are still acting like spoiled children.

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