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Thread: Simon Cowell thinks that Ryan Seacrest wants to hump his leg?

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    Default Simon Cowell thinks that Ryan Seacrest wants to hump his leg?

    Simon Cowell Compares Ryan Seacrest to a "Chihuahua"
    Thursday February 28, 2008

    February 2, 2008; December 07, 2007
    Frank Micelotta/Getty Images; Gareth Davies/Getty Images
    Simon Cowell continued his war of words against American Idol host Ryan Seacrest on yesterday's Live With Regis & Kelly.
    "What he needs to understand is that on [Idol], no one actually wants to listen to him, other than saying, 'We'll be back after the break' or 'Seacrest out,'" Cowell sniped.
    "I say this to him all the time, [the judges] are the ones who are paid to have an opinion. You just bring the artists on and off."
    Cowell, who has gotten Botox, continued, "You know when you go to your auntie's and the little chihuahua gets on your leg because it thinks it's something else," Cowell said. "That's my relationship with Ryan."
    Making a swatting gesture, Cowell added, "It's like — off!"
    Tensions between Seacrest and Cowell heated up last year when Cowell addressed Seacrest as "sweetheart."
    "Don't call me sweetheart," Seacrest shot back. "I don't want that kind of relationship." | Simon Cowell Compares Ryan Seacrest to a "Chihuahua"
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    These two need to really get a room somewhere and work off all that 'hostility."


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    i like the banter.
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    Cowell is an asshole and even Semencrest is too good for him. And Simon needs to just get out of the closet already..unless he is the gayest straight man in the history of the world.
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    They're both 'tarded.

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    "Don't call me sweetheart," Seacrest shot back. "I don't want that kind of relationship."
    Yeah, right! Seacrest probably cries himself to sleep every night over Simon.
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    I bet Ryan would love the chance to hump Simon's leg. I love Simon, but Ryan annoys the shit outta me. Has anyone else noticed Ryan's face looks all f*#ked up...PS or something. Whatever is going on, he looks a lot less attractive.

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    Last night was really funny. Seacrest was commenting on a girl's dress and said, "High heels and dresses aren't my thing." --Meaning he had no idea if it was a nice outfit or not. Simon quipped back, "Well, that's the problem!"

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