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Thread: Jessica Alba skips Oscar parties for 'sweats & burgers'

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    Default Jessica Alba skips Oscar parties for 'sweats & burgers'

    Pregnant Jessica Alba ruled the red carpet in her purple strapless Marchesa gown at Sunday's Oscars where she revealed to Ryan Seacrest that she's in her "third trimester."

    But looking so glam took its toll, Alba admitted Monday on her MySpace blog. "Instead of hitting up the Governor's Ball or any other party, we opted for sweats and In-N-Out Burgers," she wrote. "Being preggers kind of takes the fun out of partying until the wee hours."

    As entertaining as the star-studded bashes might be, she added, "Sleep always sounds so much better these days."

    Alba and longtime boyfriend Cash Warren announced her pregnancy in December and got engaged soon afterward.

    Despite her fatigue, the 26-year-old Oscar presenter called Sunday's awards show a "pretty great night" as personal favorites Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men, Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose) and Diablo Cody (the screenwriter for Juno) all took home prizes.

    "Another highlight was the fact that I didn't mess up my lines or trip on my dress (on stage)," she added. "I did have a stumble backstage ... Cash caught [me]. Luckily

    Jessica Alba Skips Oscar Parties for 'Sweats & Burgers' - Jessica Alba :

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    3rd trimester???

    Dosn't that make her at least 7 months!!!!! that was fast.

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    ^^Yeah, and she whored out the pregnancy, so she must have been farther along than she first alluded at the beginning.
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