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Thread: Mel Brown strikes up a friendship with James Blunt

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    Default Mel Brown strikes up a friendship with James Blunt

    They seem like an unlikely showbiz pairing, but Mel B and James Blunt got along famously as they enjoyed drinks together in Toronto last night.
    The duo sampled the delights of trendy C Lounge Bar after the Spice Girls' latest concert.

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    New best friends: James Blunt, Spice Girl Melanie B and her husband Stephen Belafonte enjoyed a drink together after the Spice Girls' Toronto show last night

    Mel, 32 and the 34-year-old 'You're Beautiful' singer were engaged in what looked like a deep and meaningful conversation, along with her ever-present husband Stephen Belafonte.
    Sat around a table heaving with glasses, bottles of champagne, and cocktails the trio got to know one another on what looked like a very boozy night out.
    Just what they had to discuss was anybody's guess, but clearly both share a love of post-performance partying.

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    Let me entertain you: Mel grabs hold of the club's microphone and puts on a performance

    High spirits: A distinctly merry Mel B enjoyed a few post-show drinks as the Spice Girls tour draws to a close. The last show is in Toronto tomorrow night

    Later Mel paused to grab the DJ's microphone and make an attempt at providing some entertainment.
    But she was clearly in extremely high spirits at this point and not her usual lucid self, according to onlookers. The tour concludes in Toronto tomorrow night.

    You're booze-iful: Spice Girl Mel B strikes up an unlikely friendship with James Blunt | the Daily Mail

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    Dipshit Mel B + Annoying James Blunt = Please don't reproduce together, EVER, since Mel's highly fertile.

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    Must have been one hell of a pair of beer goggles.

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    Her husband looks gay too. I don't get it. Where did all the straight men go?

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    her husband looks a bit, uh, 'special'...
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    She was at C lounge????

    Dammit! I miss everything

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