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Thread: Elton John says he's 'too old' to wear silly clothes...but wears them anyway

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    Default Elton John says he's 'too old' to wear silly clothes...but wears them anyway

    Elton John, 60, says his days of dressing to excess are over and then he spoils it by wearing this electric blue suit...

    Flamboyance, according to Elton John, has a definite use-by date.
    At 60, the singer says his days of dressing to excess are coming to an end.
    Following his more modest suit at his post-Oscars bash on Sunday night, John admitted he is toning down his style.
    Yet judging from these pictures of the star this week, decked in an electric-blue suit with a neon orange silk shirt underneath, he may have spoken prematurely.
    And if his attire wasn't enough to shock onlookers, his choice of footwear - pop art-styled pink trainers, would have been more familiar on a skate-boarding teenager than a man in his sixth decade.
    However the eccentric star, who celebrated his 50th birthday in a 15ft feather train, white breeches and a 3ft powdered wig, has admittedly toned down his appearance.
    He arrived at his post-Oscars party in Los Angeles in a simple, understated black suit.
    It wasn't, of course, just any suit.
    It was an elegant Yohji Yamamoto ensemble, teamed with a silver Chanel tie and sombre blackframed glasses.
    But it seems the fancy dress colours and fabrics Sir Elton once loved have been relegated to the back of his wardrobe.
    Yesterday, interviewed on U.S. television about his outfit at the Elton John Aids Foundation fundraiser, he was frank about his new look.
    "I could not wear some of my giant chicken outfits to the Oscar party - first because I would not fit in them any more and secondly because, you know, I am 61 years of age next month and I do not dress as flamboyantly as I used to," he told Larry King on his CNN show. Scroll down for more...
    ...and these pop art-styled pink trainers not often seen on a sexagenerian

    "As you get older you change the way you think, the way you dress.
    "I always liked to dress a little differently from other people but I am nowhere near the fashion victim I was a long time ago."
    But he pointed out that his taste for glitter had not entirely lost its shine. Scroll down for more...
    Low-key: Elton, pictured helping Marion Cotillard celebrate her Best Actress Oscar win at his party on Sunday

    "I still had a nice silver tie and a sparkly shirt," he said. Sir Elton has never made a secret of his love of the finer things in life, whether clothes, homes, artwork or even flowers.
    He has confessed to spending 290,000 on fresh blooms over 18 months. Extravagant costumes are another of his favourite things. Scroll down for more...
    King of Prancing: Elton make a loud entrance dressed as French monarch Louis XIV to his 50th birthday at Hammersmith Palais in 1997

    On stage, he often wears one of his thousands of pairs of oversized glasses.
    Some are shaped like musical notes or lightning while others are studded with jewels.
    His outrageous eyewear even inspired a play called Elton John's Glasses. Scroll down for more...
    By Hook and by crook: Elton dressed as Captain Hook at Little Britain star Matt Lucas' civil partnership reception to Kevin McGee in December 2006

    During an American tour in the 1970s, he paraded on stage dressed as a bicycle in a skintight bodysuit decorated with a bell, mudguards, reflectors and handlebars, paired with four-inch high boots.
    Off stage, he has also indulged his taste for rather unrestrained fashion.
    The Louis XIV ensemble at his 50th was so enormous he had to travel to his party in the back of a removals van on a golden throne fitted specially for him. Scroll down for more...
    Serious at 60: Elton and partner David Furnish at the singer's 1940s-themed 60th birthday party at Shoreditch Town Hall in east London

    By the time of his civil partnership ceremony with Canadian David Furnish two years ago, he was exploring his more sedate side. He wore a dark suit and diamond pin for the ceremony in Windsor.
    Despite this more simple approach to dressing, some things never change.
    Sir Elton retains his love of glasses, recently placing an order for 20 jewel- encrusted pairs from Hollywood designer Loree Rodkin. They are said to cost 25,000 each.

    Elton says he's 'too old' to wear silly clothes and then he goes out in electric-blue suit and pink trainers | the Daily Mail

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    Default classic!

    It wouldn't be Elton John if he were not wearing flamboyant clothes! I think he looks fine & I love seeing older people dressed
    My goal is to be happy with my life.

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    Aw, I LOVE the sixtieth birthday getup with his partner. They make such a cute couple
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    I love Elton's flamboyancy and his 'I-don't-give-a-fuck-what-you-think' attitude. I hope I'm as ballsy as he is when I'm 60. He definetly marches to the beat of his own drum.

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    i love Elton. whatever he does, i hope he keeps doing it!
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    Love it, and I saw an interview with him speaking on his Aids
    Foundation, and he has done some majorly good things.
    I have such respect for him. He sells his costumes for charity,
    but never his glasses. He has saved them all.

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