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Thread: Scary Spice Mel B's husband makes her 'feel like a woman'

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    Default Scary Spice Mel B's husband makes her 'feel like a woman'

    Melanie Brown might be a Spice Girl but thanks to her new husband, she feels more like a Spice Lady.

    "He is a man [and] I don't think I've had a man before," Brown tells the Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine. "Normally I'm the man."

    Handing the baton over to her husband of nearly nine months, she says, has left her feeling quite girlie. "He makes me feel like a woman, a lady."

    Brown and film producer Stephen Belafonte, both 32, married last June in the middle of her paternity battle with ex-boyfriend Eddie Murphy.

    The singer says the whirlwind romance came as a surprise, despite a 7-year friendship. "I was over any kind of relationship. Having been through what I had," she says. Now living in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles, with Brown's two children, the couple are building a future together. "He's for life, that's for sure," she says.

    On whether they will be adding to the Brown brood (which includes Phoenix, 9, and Angel, 11 months), she says: "Definitely. If it had been up to me, I would have had five kids by the age of 20."

    As stepmom to Belafonte's daughter from a previous relationship, Brown also says her husband thinks of his stepdaughter, Angel (her daughter with Eddie Murphy) as his own. "He is going to be her dad her father-figure."

    Reminisce and Rock

    The Spice Girl reunion and world tour, which wraps in Canada on Tuesday, has given Brown the opportunity to reminisce and value the friendship they all share. "I think I forgot how completely rock-solid we are. What we've been through together I'd forgotten how intense and powerful it was."

    According to "Scary Spice" the group dynamics are as simple as their nicknames would suggest. "I know if I want to cry, I'll go to Emma. If I want a business or career strategy, I'll go to Geri. I know if I want to maintain my fitness, I'll go to Mel C. If I want to know about fashion, tweaking things to make them work for you, I'll go to Victoria."

    Due to resume her "relaxing, outdoor" life back home in L.A. very shortly, Brown will go back to being a mom and wife and trying to write a sitcom all of which contribute to her current state of mind. "I am 100 percent happier than I was 10 years ago."

    Mel B's Husband Makes Her 'Feel Like a Woman' - Couples, Melanie Brown :


    I always though she was rather manly

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    when did she get married?

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    Where as Eddie Murphy made her feel like a man.

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