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Thread: Paris Hilton to Nicole Richie: "I'll beat you to the alter, bitch!"

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    Default Paris Hilton to Nicole Richie: "I'll beat you to the alter, bitch!"

    Paris to Nicole: I'll Beat You to the Altar, Bitch
    Posted Feb 25th 2008 6:46PM by TMZ Staff

    Paris Hilton just turned 27 and it seems she's put herself on the fast track to get hitched or somethin'.

    Paris and Benji Madden were at Pets of Bel Air this afternoon. That's the same shop famously busted by the Humane Society last year. They also ate lunch at a nearby restaurant with Benji's mom. But here's the deal. They started dating -- like, a day ago. At this rate, by Saturday, she'll have two kids.

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    when is the helium voiced slut bag going to grow up?
    wнo ѕayѕ noтнιng ιѕ ιмpoѕѕιвle. ι've вeen doιng noтнιng ғor yearѕ

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