As we all know, the Maharishi recently passed on.

I just received my enewsletter from Popbitch and found this amusing:

boggled-mind writes:
I'm a very old Popbitch reader. When I was 15
the Maharishi visited Sydney. I went to his
lecture and was entranced. He invited us back
to his hotel to get the "secret" word (omm)
for meditation, but there was no more room
in the conference room so I was put into the
Maharishi's suite to wait. On his bedside
table was his telephone contact book. All these
stars' numbers were there and I wrote them all
down - Warren Beatty, George Harrison, John
Lennon, Mick Jagger , Patti Boyd and Ringo
Starr was as far as I got before the old fraud
came in. Later that night I phoned them all
from Australia and when they answered I
just said "ommmm" until each one finally
hung up. Sorry guys. I got into such trouble
from my dad when the phone bill came in I
was banned from using it for ages.

PB :: Popbitch