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Thread: Kate Moss in new campaign for YSL

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    Default Kate Moss in new campaign for YSL

    She is one of the highest paid models in the world. She creates huge public interest that can shift serious units of fashion products. And she is looking better than she has in quite some time.

    So it's little wonder Stefano Pilati - creative director of Yves Saint Laurent - chose Kate Moss to appear in the fashion house's spring/summer advertising campaign.

    What is slightly bewildering is why he decided to obscure Moss's famous face with door-writing in the majority of the 18 shots.
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    Well suited: a sultry Kate Moss wears a light-wool tuxedo suit in navy, £1,715


    "He wanted Kate to be seen as locked out of the highly esteemed historic Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation in Paris," a spokesperson explained.

    There is the added confusion created as Kate - seen without undergarments but wearing one of YSL's famously androgynous "le smoking" suits - appears to be holding an invisible cigarette. Is this a reference to the smoking ban?
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    Twinkling: the model in a star-printed long-sleeved silk dress, £840

    But in the photos where we can see Moss clearly, she looks reborn and immaculate.

    "This collection was focused around iconographies," Pilati said. "And in fashion, Kate Moss is one of the great icons. I am particularly drawn to her versatility as a model, and of course to her timeless beauty."

    Chameleon Kate is nothing if not versatile: this season she personifies the "London look" for high-street make-up brand Rimmel, is grown-up and sophisticated for American designer Donna Karan, and now embodies timeless luxury for YSL. Three seasons ago, Moss appeared in 14 campaigns; the supermodel has been more selective this time.
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    Bright side: Kate in a sleeveless silk-twill dress in pink, £840

    Pilati, like Saint Laurent himself, believes in the fairness of democracy, so these pictures will appear in 24-page magazine, Manifesto, printed on recycled newspaper.

    Two million free copies will be handed out on Saturday in London and Milan, and then later in Paris, New York and Tokyo. "My aim is to speak to everyone with the same spirit and message," says Pilati.

    Life-sized images from the Manifesto will be exhibited at the Old Truman Brewery, E1, Saturday and Sunday. A £2,000 dress may not appear "democratic", but at least a wide selection of the community will get to admire "Mossy" up close and personal.

    Campaign shot by Ines Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.
    Yves saint Laurent - YSL - Online Shop for more details and a video of Kate on the campaign shoot. All items are by Yves Saint Laurent, 171-173 Sloane Street, SW1 (020 7235 6706

    Still great, Kate: La Moss smoulders in new campaign for YSL | the Daily Mail

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    I've always thought she was ugly.

    Now she's haggard and still ugly.
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    That star-dress is fug-tastic

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    That dress is laughable!

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    I've always loved Yves. My mom had framed original sketches from the 1976 Ballet Russes collections hanging in her home when I was younger.

    This Pilati, eh not so much

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    Love the suit...

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    well, it makes sense. an iconic model for a collection of pilati's re-interpretation of iconic ysl pieces.
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