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Thread: California cops do Britney Spears sweep; finally cracking down on the paparazzi

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    Default California cops do Britney Spears sweep; finally cracking down on the paparazzi

    TMZ Photogs Busted in Britney Sweep
    Posted Feb 20th 2008 11:27AM by TMZ Staff
    The cops have cracked down bigtime on paparazzi -- no, not the ones who blow red lights. Not the ones who run cars off the road. Not the ones who threaten to kill people who get in their way. The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is going after ... sidewalk violators!!!

    By our count, six camerapeople were busted last night; two outside the salon where Brit was getting her hair done and four outside Villa nightclub where Lindsay was partying. Two TMZ photogs were among those busted.

    One deputy is heard warning paps, "You're slowing down, you're stopping on my sidewalk." When asked what law the photogs were violating, a deputy cited West Hollywood Municipal Code, Section 3.04.030, the Traffic Safety Fund. That section funnels traffic violation money to bankroll traffic lights and other stuff.

    One TMZ photog says he had just stepped off the sidewalk when he was cuffed and thrown into the back of a squad car for an hour. Another TMZ photog was hauled off to jail for 6 hours.

    Its about damn time, especially after that car mob hit that was filmed.
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    I don't see why the cops haven't gone after them in the first place. They could get so much money from citations. Maybe they could give everybody else a break then, when it came to quota time at the end of the month!

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    AWESOME! I knew this day would come. The only photos I look at on GR or in celeb mags are the authorized shots of fashion anyway, beyond that it is enough for me to read about their sordid lives, I don't have to see them in pics.
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    Well, they have to start somewhere, I guess. Somebody has to pay back that $25k the city spent getting Brit to the hospital.

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