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Thread: Nick Lachey wishes Jessica Simpson "nothing but happiness"

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    Default Nick Lachey wishes Jessica Simpson "nothing but happiness"

    Nick Lachey Wishes Jessica Simpson "Nothing But Happiness"
    Wednesday February 20, 2008

    Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo attend the MAXIM Magazine kicks off Super Bowl weekend at the grand opening of Stone Rose on February 1, 2008 in Scottsdale, Arizona.
    Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

    Nick Lachey has given his blessing to ex Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend Tony Romo.
    "I wish her nothing but happiness," Lachey says in the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands Wednesday. "If she's found that... good for her."
    Amid talk that Simpson may be returning to the small screen with a CMT special, Lachey understands her motives.
    "I did a show around the making of my last record," Lachey told Us. "It was kind of a documentary that I did with MTV about making a record... that is an idea that I had and I thought it was a good one, so I can certainly see where she’s coming from with that."
    But Lachey has ruled out a return to the reality genre that brought him and Simpson notoriety with MTV's Newlyweds.
    "Reality TV is not on my radar," he said. "You learn lessons in life, and then you have a responsibility to yourself to learn from those lessons."
    When asked if he would consider a reality series with girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo, Lachey responded, "No, no, no, no. Never. Never."
    Lachey, 34, and Minnillo, 27, have been dating for a year and a half.
    Check out the current issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands Wednesday, for the latest on Jessica and Tony.
    Tell Us: Would you rather watch a series starring Jessica and Tony Romo or Nick and Vanessa? | Nick Lachey Wishes Jessica Simpson "Nothing But Happiness"
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    Still boring!

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    Sure he does. I'm sure deep down inside, he's estatic to be away from it.

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    i like him but boy his head is little
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    Urg, he's so freakin' ugly. I wouldn't tap that with a cattle prod.
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    He gives his blessing? Blech. Like she couldn't date anyone without it.
    I would much rather watch Jessica and Tony because she is a such a flake, I laugh at everything that comes out of her mouth! Nick and Vanessa seem somewhat normal, therefore boring.
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    I love how he made sure we knew he had already done a reality show about making an album - exactly what Chestica is now trying to do. Neither she or her perv Dad ever have an original idea....

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