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Thread: Paula Abdul brings back the 90s

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    Talking Paula Abdul brings back the 90s

    It's The 90s Again!

    I miss the 90s and now I can relive them over and over again thanks to Paula Abdul's video "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow." I'm a little confused by the concept. It's filled with tacky ass photo frames! It's like they used every possible photo frame on Microsoft. Budget.
    Paula also hops around like a little bunny rabbit on Sam Lutfi pills. They probably just gave her a jolt and started filming. It's like she did it all in one take.
    The image of Ryan, Paula, Randy and Simon at the end of the video kills me. The power of the Idol!

    It's The 90s Again! | Dlisted

    Click here for video.
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    the ultimate Fromage.

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    She looks so odd, like a cross between Tina Turner and Janet Jackson. And that corseted thing she's wearing in the shots of the band give her linebacker shoulders.
    Oh- and her shaggy hair is hideous.

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