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Thread: Another reality show for Jessica Simpson?

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    Default Another reality show for Jessica Simpson?

    Given that Jessica Simpson's life was turned upside down by her experience with ex-husband Nick Lachey on their hit MTV show Newlyweds, it came as a big surprise when her father and manager Joe Simpson told Entertainment Weekly earlier this week that Jess is considering giving reality TV another shot with an unscripted show on CMT.

    "With Newlyweds, she let everyone into her world," Joe told "Then she had to shut the world out. Now she can open it up again so people can see, here's a girl struggling with self-esteem and finding her way."

    However, a rep for the Employee of the Month actress tells OK!, "She is in talks to do a special for CMT timed to the release of the album, but there's no truth to any reality show." And a rep for Sony BMG Nashville confirms to OK!, "there is no truth to this."

    So was Joe misleading the folks at EW? Or did he sign his daughter up for something without telling her?
    OK! Magazine - First for Celebrity News - Another Reality Show for Jessica?
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    Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

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    It's probably the only way he can explain the cameras he's got in her bedroom.
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    i didnt watch the show with her and Nick, maybe i can manage to miss this one as well
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    She should star on Denise Richards'; spare us the misery of an extra show.

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    Finally she has realized that she won't win an Oscar anytime soon.
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    If it's gonna be unscripted, then we can expect a lot of blank faces and open mouth, and not a whole lot being said.

    BTW, you need to put her full name in the subject or you'll get in trouble!

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