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Thread: Still no change in Britney Spears visitation but a change of lawyers

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    Default Still no change in Britney Spears visitation but a change of lawyers

    Brit Doesn't Get Visitation

    Posted Feb 19th 2008 3:06PM by TMZ Staff
    The lawyers couldn't agree amongst themselves -- so Brit will not get visitation with Sean Preston and Jayden James.

    There is no change in the custody order. Also, the Commish made it clear - the issues with the conservatorship being removed to Federal court have no bearing on the custody case.

    Also, Trope and Trope is out as Brit's lawyer. Stacy Phillips is now the new lawyer on the case.

    It's ironic, we know K-Daddy wants Brit to have visitation and the lawyers came to court today trying to accommodate that, but it didn't happen. Daddy Jamie also has wanted to create some normalcy in Brit's life and wanted visitation restored in a bad way, but it wasn't meant to be.

    UPDATE: We hear they're going to work through lunch to try to hammer out an agreement and they'll all be back in court at 1:30 PM PT.

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    Giving her visitation just because other people want her to have visitation isn't a very good idea, imo. Obviously, a grown woman whose every move needs to be chaperoned by her daddy isn't in the best place to be interacting with small children.

    Oh, wait ... she doesn't interact with her children anyway. So what's the problem?

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    At least its a woman. Hopefully this new lawyer, being a woman, won't be so gung-ho to fight for crazy mothers to get their kids back.

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    This stupid bitch can't remember to put on underwear and has to be supervised going to the bathroom... hmmm, but let's consider giving her custody rights back shall we?
    vaya con dios

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