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Thread: Did Britney Spears show the goods again?

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    Default Did Britney Spears show the goods again?


    Brit Brit was out getting sushi with her assistant last night and it looks like she might have shown her own sushi again. A smoked tuna with cream cheese roll! I can't tell if she's not wearing panties or her panties are nude color. If she isn't wearing panties then she keeps that shit smooth like a baby's ass. She spends more time tending to her pussy than tending to her weave. Priorities, I guess.
    I'm guessing that jacket belongs to Adnan. It has "douche wear" written all over it. No, I really mean it. I think that's what one of those patches says.
    The first two thumbnails show the goods. Slightly NSFW, I guess.

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    can't se stay at home cooking? get a pancake mix, get a cake get fried chicken get whaever but stay home!
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    Sushi? lol I don't think she has undies on. Thank g-d she didn't have her legs wide open. I think she's looking better. The extensions are improved.

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    Her hair looks much better
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    At least she wasn't flashing her twat with dad standing right there. Oy.

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    wtf is going on with the jacket?!

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