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Thread: Heather Mills makes her check-list for a new man: Gold-diggers need not apply

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    Default Heather Mills makes her check-list for a new man: Gold-diggers need not apply

    Heather Mills: has prepared a checklist for potential new love interests, such as them being independently wealthy and eco-aware

    It has taken her almost two years to tie up the loose ends from her failed marriage to Sir Paul McCartney.

    So Heather Mills doesn't want to waste any more time before finding a replacement.
    Apart from celebrating her imminent £55million divorce settlement, Miss Mills apparently spent the weekend writing a check-list for her perfect man.
    According to a friend, she has told her coterie of advisers to put out feelers for a chap who matches all the criteria.
    The group, consisting of her sister Fiona, fitness trainer Ben Amigoni, her stylist Mark Payne and her LA lawyer and a publicist, has its work cut out.
    Firstly, the man must be between 45 and 60. Young men are "great fun" but she wants someone distinguished and experienced in life who will take her seriously, the friend said. But not someone as old as her last husband - Sir Paul is 65.

    Secondly, Miss Mills, 40, does not want someone who is just interested in her new-found wealth.
    "Heather does not want some gold-digger after his piece of her settlement," the friend said.

    The man's life choices must also chime with hers. He must be a vegetarian, for example, and happily stand shoulder to shoulder with her in her campaigning against landmines and animal cruelty.
    The next must is that the individual should have a great sense of humour.
    And lastly, Miss Mills has let it be known that "he must be able to handle a strong and dynamic woman like me".
    The former model's marriage to the former Beatle broke down in May 2006.
    Her friend said: "It must all seem rather early for Heather to be planning a manhunt.
    But in her mind, she has been lonely and without a partner for two years and unable to have any romantic entanglements since that time.
    "She is thrilled by the signing of the divorce and wants to start her new life as soon as possible.
    "But she doesn't just want some random bloke off the street. Basically she wants a mature man - perhaps an American - who is worth at least as much as she is.
    "She wants a philanthropist who can be at her side when she is travelling the world campaigning and support her with her charities.

    "She would even have another baby if the man is right. Though she has said she would prefer a man who does not already have children. She did not have the best experiences as a stepmother in her last marriage."
    Miss Mills told friends yesterday that her life is on "full steam ahead" and that she hopes to have a settlement today.
    The pair are expected to be bound by a consent agreement finalising the divorce by Mr Justice Bennett in the Royal Courts of Justice. Scroll down for more...

    As the Mail has exclusively revealed, Sir Paul has agreed to a record divorce payout.

    Miss Mills is to receive a £20million lump sum with further £2.5million annual payments until their four-year-old daughter Beatrice reaches 18.
    Miss Mills is understood to be bound by a confidentiality order which means she will never publicly speak or write in detail about the breakdown of the four-year marriage.
    She will be Beatrice's main carer, but Sir Paul will have equal visitation rights.
    Miss Mills also won the right to live between Britain and eastern Europe, where she plans to set up another home.
    She will have a team of four bodyguards working in shifts to give her 24-hour cover whether she is with her daughter or not.
    Sir Paul will also pay for her new property, wherever it might be, to be fitted with a high-tech security system.
    Last week, Sir Paul also made a separate special provision for a £1million trust fund which will accumulate each year until Beatrice turns 18. The singer has also agreed to pay the £2million legal bill Miss Mills ran up with her previous lawyers Mishcon de Reya as part of the total.

    Heather Mills makes her check-list for a new man: Gold-diggers need not apply | the Daily Mail

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    Too bad Sir Paul didn't have the same checklist when he wed her. What a tramp. Of course, she doesn't want anyone to get their hands on Paul's (er....her) money~

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    Heather does not want some gold-digger
    She needent worry - I'm sure she'll be able to recognize her own kind without much difficulty.
    “What are you looking at, sugar-tits?” - Mel Gibson

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    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    I hope the next man she is with takes her for everything she got.

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    Heather Mills: has prepared a checklist for potential new love interests, such as them being independently wealthy and eco-aware ...

    I hope all these independently wealthy men are smart enough to run as fast they can in the opposite direction!

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    Ha, she doesn't want a gold-digger because she doesn't want to share the money she made as a gold-digger?

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    Like any man with a brain will go near her!

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    Pot meet kettle.

    This is classic!

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    I hope she hooks up with a true ti life faker that takes her for her money.

    what a repulsive whore she is
    He who knows does not speak.
    He who speaks does not know.

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