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Thread: Charlize Theron and Colin Farrell do Dublin

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    Default Charlize Theron and Colin Farrell do Dublin

    Charlize Theron and Colin Farrell Do Dublin

    While the Berlinale Film Festival was drawing to a close this weekend, another cinema celebration was just getting underway - the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.
    The Irish capital ushered in the 2008 version of their annual festivities - drawing stars including the always-lovely Charlize Theron and bad-boy hunk Colin Farrell.

    Colin’s latest flick, “In Bruges”, had the honor of opening the festivities on Friday night, while Charlize hit the red carpet on Saturday evening to support her man, Stuart Townsend.
    According to press reports, “Theron ‘s appearance on the red carpet at the screening of Townsend’s debut feature ‘Battle In Seattle’ resulted in massive media and public scrum for autographs and photos of the two stars.”
    Meanwhile, the night before, Charlize was asked whether she plans on attending next week’s Academy Awards, to which she replied: “We are not going. I don’t think you go to those kind of award shows unless you are nominated. I think it’s a special thing if you get a nomination, or your film does. Then you go.”
    The Oscar winning actress continues: “But we don’t have any nominations or anything like that in the house, so we sit in our jammies and watch it on the couch.”

    Charlize Theron and Colin Farrell are among the celebs at the Dublin Film Festival
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    Colin looks so homeless in the first set of pics. Much better in the cleaned-up suit look.

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    You know I never used to think Colin was all that hot... but I watched Miami Vice again the other night and now have a big ol' crush on him!

    He's definately made my 'Away List' (you know, the list of blokes you'd call in if you're hubby was away for the night!)
    vaya con dios

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