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Thread: Brody Jenner laughs off Lindsay "Lacoca" Lohan

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    Default Brody Jenner laughs off Lindsay "Lacoca" Lohan

    Brody Laughs Off LiLo
    Posted Feb 16th 2008 4:35PM by TMZ Staff
    Lindsay? Lindsay who?! The eternal party boy Brody Jenner and his right-hand man Frankie Delgado joked around with TMZ about mustaches, the weather and Lindsay Lohan last night. The two dined at Katsuya, and afterwards they couldn't help but laugh when the subject of Lindsay came up.

    Brody and Lindz were spotted "hanging out" in NYC a few weeks ago. Bros before Lo's!

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    She must be a forgettable lay.

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    aaaawl :-( u mad boopie?


    He just don't want his hidden 1night stand baby's mother to find out... she may not get the abortion he wants
    & not a single fuck was given...

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    ^wha?? Do tell the details...I have not heard that!
    Come on you guys, enough already. Let's ALL go and fuck ourselves for a few minutes and return to the thread refreshed and relaxed. Gossip Rocks poster A*O

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