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Thread: Reese Witherspoon directs her attention to directing

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    Default Reese Witherspoon directs her attention to directing

    Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon may soon be stepping behind the camera for her next role.
    "I'm inching toward directing, I have to say. Be very afraid. I'm tackling that next," she says, although she didn't reveal the specifics of the project.
    The actress, who already received executive producer credit for Legally Blonde 2, was motivated by actress-turned-director Sarah Polley, who's up for a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for her film Away From Her.
    "It's very inspiring to see Sarah Polley, who I used to audition with, direct Julie Christie, hopefully to an Oscar. I think that's really inspiring."
    The ambitious 31-year-old (her production company is aptly called Type A Films) is also looking to shoot someone outside of the director's chair in an action film. "I love seeing Angelina Jolie in movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and I can't wait to see her in Wanted. I love those movies where women have great strength and character. I'd love a kick-ass female role, where I get to shoot somebody in the neck or the knee — nothing permanent."
    Pop Hustle: Reese Witherspoon Directs Her Attention to Directing
    President Barack Obama
    Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

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    Be very afraid.
    Oh, I will be.

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