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Thread: Jessica Simpson in "talks" to star in CMT Special; no reality show

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    Default Jessica Simpson in "talks" to star in CMT Special; no reality show

    Jessica Simpson may be returning to the small screen.

    She is in talks with CMT to star in a special chronicling her life as she records her upcoming country album.

    "We have had exploratory talks with Jessica's camp, but nothing has been confirmed or signed," a CMT rep tells

    Her rep tells Us it is "not for a reality show. Jessica is finishing her country album in Nashville. They’re in talks with CMT for a special timed to air when the album is released, but there’s no truth whatsoever to there being a reality show.”

    Simpson, 27, rose to fame on her MTV reality series Newlyweds, which tracked her day-to-day married life with Nick Lachey.

    In a recent interview, her father Joe hinted that a reality show may be in the works.

    "With Newlyweds, she let everyone into her world," her father Joe told Entertainment Weekly.

    "Then she had to shut the world out. Now she can open it up again so people can see, here's a girl struggling with self-esteem and finding her way. Country music is about storytelling, after all."

    Simpson has been dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, 27, for three months.

    For more on their hot Hawaiian vacation, check out the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now. | Jessica Simpson in "Talks" to Star in CMT Special; No Reality Show

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    A grand total of three people are gonna watch... Jessica, Tony (unwillingly of course), and Papa Joe.

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    You'd think with all the failures she's had lately that she might just take a long vacation or something and not push her vapid pea-brain on society anymore. Does anyone still like her?

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    Papa Perv will watch, ferverently hoping for a wardrobe malfunction.
    “What are you looking at, sugar-tits?” - Mel Gibson

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    She reeks of desperation.

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    How does she keep getting jobs? Is the entertainment industry that lacking in real talent?

    Someone needs to run over to Schwab's ... see who's sitting at the counter.

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    Papa Joe is so desperate for her to have some sort of career. Just face reality papa perv - Jessica's titties and total lack of talent don't thrill anyone else except you
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    I wish she would just go away.

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