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Thread: Victoria Beckham's Valentine surprise for husband

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    Default Victoria Beckham's Valentine surprise for husband

    She's been with her husband for more than a decade, but Victoria Beckham hasn't tired of romantic gestures.

    The Spice Girl was spotted browsing through Valentine's Day cards while on a shopping spree at Dylan's Candy Bar in New York, eventually settling on a sweet surprise.

    The card read: "I can't (bear) to be without you" - with gummy bear treats in place of the word.
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    Sweet: Victoria Beckham selects a Valentine's Day card while shopping in New York yesterday

    Romantic gesture: the card read 'I can't (bear) to be without you', with gummy bears replacing the word

    Victoria's youngest son Cruz – who turns 3 next week – joined her on the outing, with the pair also hitting a toy store on 5th Avenue.

    David and Posh may well be spending Valentine's Day apart - the football star is currently in LA with the couple's other two sons Romeo and Brooklyn.

    With Victoria on tour, the couple have rarely been spotted together this year.

    Duo: Posh had her youngest son Cruz for company

    There have been a string of reports claiming Posh was behind the decision to cancel additional Spice Girl concerts in China, South Africa, Australia and Argentina, so she could spend more time with David and her sons.

    She also did little to quash mounting rumours of a rift between the group after she skipped Melanie Chisholm's solo show in New York earlier this week.

    The other members of the girl group, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Melanie Brown, all turned out at the Manhattan Center to support their fellow Spice Girl but Victoria failed to turn up, according to reports.

    The band has continued to deny claims of a feud, insisting the rumours are "rubbish".
    Dad duty: David Beckham on a bike ride with Brooklyn and Romeo in LA earlier this week

    Be my Valentine: Victoria Beckham's sweet surprise for husband David | the Daily Mail

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    The card is probably for Brooklyn or Romeo.

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    Gah, the eyebrows! Did she draw them on with a brown sharpie?
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    I can't hate on this girl. I have tried, but just can't. They have a lovely family.

    & that card is the cutest.

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    Awww that card is adorable!

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    The card read: "I can't (bear) to be without you" - with gummy bear treats in place of the word.

    Because David has trouble with the big words

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    She was probably just binging on the gummi bears. Not eating for three years will do that to you

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    That's a cute card!

    Seriously, people seem to read into them that they're falling apart as a couple, but I think they are probably the strongest marriage around at the moment.

    Except for Tom and LRH.
    vaya con dios

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