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Thread: Janet Jackson's allergic to marriage

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    Default Janet Jackson's allergic to marriage

    The Clock Is Ticking

    41-year-old Janet Jackson isn't married, doesn't have kids and isn't planning on it anytime soon. Janet says she's feeling the pressure to get married to troll boy and pop out troll babies, but she's taking her time. She said, "I like where we are, and I'm happy where I am. I've done it twice before. I'm afraid I might be a jinx. I might be allergic to marriage." I think she's just allergic to trolls.

    She's also not worried about her biological clock. "I get so much pressure .. even my mother mentioned something to me the other day. But now you can have your eggs frozen and there are all sorts of things you can do. I've still got time so I think I'm okay. I've got to get a little more kid out of me first before I move on and be childish with my child."

    Janet already has a child! Troll Dupri! If she ever gets that maternal feeling, she can put a diaper on him, stick a rattle in his hand and a pacifier in his mouth. It's the same thing practically! He would probably even start crying like a baby when you pinch his cheeks.
    Besides, doesn't Janet only have like 2 ribs now? That baby's not going to have any support. Her pregnant belly is just going to hit the ground.

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    Janet already has a child! Troll Dupri!

    And this is why I love MK

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    Wasnt there a rumour that she had a kid years back with her first hubby- But it was hushed up?

    I dont think she wants to have kids- I dont get that vibe thats shes that maternal.

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