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Thread: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban start buying for baby

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    Default Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban start buying for baby

    As Nicole Kidman's collection of flowy/wrap dresses could attest, she was all ready for her growing bump. There's always time for more shopping and room in the closet for more stuff, however, as she and husband/play-mate Keith Urban were out shopping in Australia yesterday. Unlike some of our favorite pregnant celebrities who time their baby announcements perfectly right before their bumps get too obvious to ignore (I'm looking at you, Gwen Stefani), Nicole still looks like her slender self. I'm just glad to see her looking so happy with Keith by her side.

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    Awww! How cute...

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    That's a very pretty color on her. Amazing how she's just looking better and better these days.
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    I'm glad for her.
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    I laughed at the insinuation of "playmate" in reference to how she or he said its good to wake up in the middle of the night with someone who wants to 'play'. Ha ha hahah....snort, choke, cough......
    Jack I swear.

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    Wow. Put dark hair on her in the second picture (on the right) and she could double as a twin for her sister, Antonia.

    Good to see her looking so happy.

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