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Thread: Avril Lavigne was almost boycotted (so close!)

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    Default Avril Lavigne was almost boycotted (so close!)

    Avril Lavigne has agreed to reconsider her backing dancers' wages after the dance community threatened to boycott the singer/songwriter.

    It was revealed earlier this week that the Complicated star was planning to pay her backing dancers below the standard industry rate for her upcoming tour, prompting the Dancers' Alliance group to recommend a boycott of yesterday's Los Angeles auditions.

    But after an email circulated by the organisation was leaked to the press, the musician's management has agreed to reopen negotiations with dancers' agencies.

    Celebrity website had published the Dancers' Alliance round-robin email earlier this week, after the low wages for Lavigne's tour were revealed.

    It said the Dancers' Alliance had expressed its concerns to Lavigne's management regarding the weekly wage of £574 before taxes, but "they have decided to move forward regardless".

    It continued: "Our recommendation is that our clients and all dancers in the city spread the word to friends, fellow dancers, dance schools, etc. emphasizing how inappropriate these rates are. Hopefully your actions can send a message to management that the rates are unacceptable for an artist of this calibre and that they cannot hire professional dancers for these fees."

    Lavigne's publicist soon responded that the wages were fair and said the singer "prides herself in treating everyone on the tour with the utmost respect and consideration and pays them well within the industry standard".

    Industry insiders responded that the proposed rate for the tour would represent around $281 (£143) per show, less than half the industry standard, prompting Lavigne's management to cancel yesterday's audition and agree to reopen wage discussions.

    In a statement on its MySpace page, the Dancers' Alliance said: "Avril's management has cancelled the audition… and has opened up a new conversation with the agencies. Thanks for everyone's support on this issue."
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    Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

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    **crickets chirping**

    go away short bitch

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    good for them!

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