Heath Ledger's father revealed plans for an intimate funeral in Australia this weekend.

"The funeral will be very, very private," Kim Ledger said in the Perth suburb of Applecross on Saturday morning, local time. "There will only be 10 people there, which is my immediate family and nobody else."

Later in the morning, mourners were seen entering Penrhos College, a girls' boarding school in the nearby Perth suburb of Como. It wasn't immediately known whether this was the funeral about which Kim Ledger spoke, or another service for his son.

Among those entering the school was model Gemma Ward, a close friend of Ledger's.

Kim Ledger said the family hadn't revealed the arrangements sooner because "it's a pretty sad time. We're finding it difficult to cope by ourselves, let alone to cope with everybody around the world."

But, he added, "We do really appreciate the out-powering and the emotional support from all over the globe, which suffice to say we're luckier then most families most families that are in our positions, in our grieving position, don't receive that kind of support."

Ledger, 28, died of an accidental mixture of prescription drugs, the coroner says.

Heath's Father Reveals Funeral Plans - Heath Ledger : People.com