This gives you guys plenty of time to save your pennies. Hell, skip your afternoon Snicker break once a week and put that change into the MK Barfday fund. For what reason? You see, Pete Doherty is doing parties now! For just $200 Dreamboat will show up and perform on your special day. It all started when a father asked Pete to play his daughter's birthday party. His YOUNG daughter's birthday party. I'm not sure what that daddy was smoking, but that's probably how it all started. A conversation in a crack den!
A source told The SunThe birthday girl’s dad told him she was a huge fan and that he’d give him £100 to perform at her party. Pete was flattered and happy to oblige. He turned up and played his big hits . Everyone had a great time."
The dad told a local paper and Dreamboat's agent has been bombarded with requests. This is a fucking steal! Celine Dion charges $6 million. Would Celine do a body shot on you? Probably not, but I bet you Dreamboat would. You would be laid up in the free clinic for a few days, but it would be worth it.
Pete Doherty playing his songs for a bunch of children sounds sweet. The love probably ended when the kids found out he sucked all the helium out of their balloons. Nothing ruins a Birthday party like saggy balloons.

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