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Thread: Stacey Ferguson apologises for comparing herself to Princess Diana

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    Default Stacey Ferguson apologises for comparing herself to Princess Diana

    • On trying to maintain some privacy in her relationship with Josh: "It's hard, I have a really big mouth so I talk too much. We don't do red carpets together or photoshoots in our kitchen for magazines. But we go to movies and we're normal people so sometimes they catch you."
    • On comparing herself to Princess Di in Blender: "Oh gosh, that interview! I was talking major trash. I regret saying that. Sometimes I feel I'm so familiar with the person I'm talking with, and I have a big mouth. Please don't take it all too seriously. I apologise for putting myself and Princess Di in the same sentence. It was meant as a joke. It doesn't really translate in print. My grandma called me about that! It's my New Year's resolution not to treat interviews as therapy sessions or think I'm hanging out with my buddies."
    • On those pregnancy rumors: "Yeah, it's like the 15th time I've been pregnant. No. Not pregnant."
    • On the status of the Black Eyed Peas: "Taboo's getting married this year. Apl has an album coming out, Will's doing his thing, recording every day of his life. We're still together. I don't think we'll ever break up. As far as a new album, I can't say what comes next. I'm going to get into the studio and get inspired and crafty. I need some time to chill for a minute, go away and make some more music. I want to go home, be home and see my dogs, my man, my fiance."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    "I don't think we'll ever break up. "


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